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For Starters, The Name Is Samantha. I'm Only 18 years Young. I Popped Outta My Moms Vagina October 15 I'm Single, But That Doesn't Mean You Have A Chance; Im A Snowboarder And I Surf : I Brush My Teeth In The Shower, Because Im THAT Cool.(: Im A Cheerleader And I Run On The Track Team I Have Jealously Issues If I Actually Like The Person. Oh I Tend To Have A Short Temper ; So Dont Piss Me Off. Im A Textaholic; And Love Talking On The Phone. Im Also A Pictureholic; If You Couldnt Tell. :o Vanilla Coke Is The Shit ; So Get Me Some? (: Favorite Foods: Mac and cheese duh :p. I Love All Bright Colors. Not Gonna Lie I Smoke ; I Drink. I Laugh TONS. I Listen To All Types Of Music Excapt Country Blehh. I Tend To Bust Out In Random Dance Moves Cause I'm Just Rad Like That; Dont Tell Me You Love Me Unless You Truely Mean It. Dont Waste My Time, And I Wont Waste Yours. I Tend To Fall For People Easily; So Dont Take Advantage. Eye Liner Is My Best Friend. And If You Like To Talk Shit; Well Then Im Flattered, Because You Actually Take Time Out Of YOUR Life To Talk About Me. You Should Ask Me Stuff (: And If You Actually Took The Time To Read All This; Then iloveyouu.



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